Holy Child Auxilium School

The school campus consists of an H-shaped building comprising of two blocks (incorporating the class rooms, library, medical room, science labs, computer labs, language lab cum audio-visual room, mathematics cum geography lab, dance room, music room, art room, home science room, a spacious and attractive auditorium and a well-structured administrative block), a substantial field, a basketball court, a lawn tennis court, a throw ball court, two badminton courts and a lobby for indoor games and table tennis and well maintained lawns and gardens. All the class rooms are furnished with smart boards and well equipped announcements system with speakers in all the class rooms, labs, auditorium, corridors and playground. CCTV is installed at all the important locations.


The school boasts of well maintained and updated libraries for the junior and the senior school. The library consists of a kaleidoscopic collection of books pertinent for every class varying from subject books to reference books, from fiction to auto-biographies and biographies, from comics to novels and from sacred books to self help books-all arranged in a very methodical manner.

Holy Child Auxilium School

Library Rules

  • Absolute silence must be maintained in the library; no bags or books, not of the library, may be taken in.
  • Books will be issued for a week to students from class VI – XII.
  • Any loss of book issued to the student or damage to it must be made good by the student concerned.
  • Books must be returned before the holidays.
  • Failure to return the books on the assigned day will attract a fine of Rs. 10/- per day.
  • No magazine or consultation book (from the particular area) may be borrowed; they must be used in the library only.
Holy Child Auxilium School

Reference Library

  • Reference library is open to all students of Class X, XI & XII.
  • No books shall be taken out of the reference library.
  • Students are not allowed to bring pen, pencil or other materials into the library.
  • No tracing, marking or writing of any kind in the book is allowed.
  • Any damage caused will have to be made good by the student concerned.
  • Books should be returned to the allotted bookshelf.

Medical Room

The school endows with basic medical facilities for its students providing proper first-aid in times of critical circumstances. A nurse is always available.
Every precaution is taken to avoid accidents but in case of dire situations hospitalization is done.
The school makes available well equipped biology, physics, chemistry, two mathematics cum geography (for primary and senior), and three computer labs (one each for primary, middle and high school) to impart practical knowledge based on theory to students.

Holy Child Auxilium School

Music Room

The school facilitates music with the help of a well furnished music room. All sorts of instruments like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, tabla and harmonium are provided for the impeccable learning of music for students.

Holy Child Auxilium School

Dance Room

The dance room makes available ample space for the students to hold dance sessions and practices. It offers all sorts of music CDs for the same.

Audio Visual Room cum Language Lab

The room comprises of an LCD projector, control/communication system, and audio units with headphones sufficient for 48 students assisting students to augment their language (pronunciation, enunciation and speaking) skills.

Holy Child Auxilium School

Art Room

The school promotes artistic talent in a conducive ambiance. The Art Room is well equipped with all kind of artistic necessities. The room is a haven for all creative ideas.

Holy Child Auxilium School

Home Science Room

H.C.A. provides a home science room to cultivate the culinary skills in its students. The room is furnished with a gas stove, refrigerator, oven and other basic kitchen cutlery and crockery.

Sports Arena

The sports ground includes well furnished:-

Holy Child Auxilium School
Basketball Courts
Holy Child Auxilium School
Lawn Tennis Courts
Holy Child Auxilium School
Badminton Courts
Holy Child Auxilium School
Throwball Courts
Holy Child Auxilium School
A lobby for Indoor Games

The large outdoor stage is a boon for all the cultural events and for morning assemblies.

Holy Child Auxilium School


H.C.A. boasts of one of the best auditoriums in Delhi. The well designed interior complements the large seating capacity (including a balcony), a furnished outsized stage and well maintained backstage (comprising a green room).

Holy Child Auxilium School

New Technology EduCom-Smart Board

Each Class room contains the latest Technology for Creative and Innovative teaching and learning.

Computer Centre Rules

1. The Computer room is a place of learning and serious work. For this “Silence” is a very necessary element. observe strict silence.

2. Dust is the greatest enemy of the computer. Remove shoes before entering the room. Wear clean socks.

3. Take nothing into the computer room without the prior permission of the teacher. No pen drives or CDs are to be brought to the Computer Room.

4. The Computer is a complicated electronic instrument which is learned through instruction and operation. follow the instructions of the teacher carefully.

5. the computer is a very delicate and expensive machine. damages must be paid for by the students. report immediately any kind of defect or damage so that prompt action may be taken and the machine is available for the next user.

School Laboratory

1. Entrance to the laboratory is restricted to the period given for practicals, or with the consent of the Teacher and the permission of the Principal provided that the Lab Assistant is present.

2. Any damage done in the lab must be made good by the student, and if the student is not identified, by the class that used the lab.

3. Every precaution and safety suggestion made by the teacher / lab assistant must be followed.


  • A pupil will not be permitted to ride a bus other than the one to which she is assigned.
  • Students will board the buses in an orderly manner, giving due priority to younger students.
  • No cars or any other transport mode will be permitted to be parked during the school time in front of the school.
  • Objects of any kind must not be discarded inside or thrown out of the bus.
  • The following acts are considered serious violations; (a) Discourtesy and disobedience to the driver or conductor
    (b) Changing places frequently while the bus is in motion.
    (c) Discourtesy to other children
    (d) Pushing and jostling when boarding the bus.
    (e) Trying to distract the bus driver’s attention.
    (f) Destroying bus property.
    (g) Misbehaviour in bus
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the transport arrangement of their wards. They should see that their children reach well in time for the School before the commencement of the Assembly. In case the buses fail to bring the children to School due to unavoidable reasons, the parents are requested to make alternative arrangements to reach their wards in time to School.
  • In the event, a child is involved in a discipline problem while riding a bus, the principal, at her discretion, may take any disciplinary action, even suspending the offender from bus.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring the safe return of students required to stay in school after school hours.
  • The school is not responsible for any student who boards a wrong bus from school by intent or goes to another student’s house without explicit information from the parent verified by the school authority.
  • All students are required to board their proper bus and in case of doubt inform the school authorities immediately for corrective action.

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