Holy Child Auxilium School

Commercial Arts

Commercial art is taught under the expert guidance of a highly qualified staff member. Various topics like pencil shading, charcoal, oil painting, pottery, etc. are discussed and worked upon which brings out the potential of the budding artists in the school.
The School organised an inter-school painting competition-“7 STROKES”

Home Science

The School takes the initiative to cultivate culinary skills among its students. This prepares them to become self-reliant and good homemakers in future. Various cuisines – Indian, Italian, Continental and Chinese, and preparing refreshments is taught.

Holy Child Auxilium School
Holy Child Auxilium School


The aim of the dance society is to bring out the hidden dancer in every child. The school holds dance classes on a regular basis (once a week for each class), under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Classical, folk and contemporary dance forms are taught in the school and form an integral part of the school curriculum.
Inter school competitions, stage performances on special occasions and during cultural week are encouraged.


Music forms an integral part of the school. Students get an opportunity to learn various musical instrumentals like guitar, drums, keyboard, and etc. from a professional and experienced instructor. Besides the intra-school musical competitions the school also organises a splendid musical extravaganza aptly titled “RHYTHM”.
The school band “Zephyr Station” has won numerous awards and accolades across city and comprises of some of the bright musical talents.

Holy Child Auxilium School
Holy Child Auxilium School

Environmental Club

Cleanliness begins at home. The school has undertaken numerous initiatives for the cause of the environment. The school boasts of water harvesting system, manure making machine and a leaf shredding system.
The school has well maintained gardens within the premises. Students of the environmental club take up the responsibility to sow new plants and water them.
The eco club has also played a key role in spreading awareness about environment conservation through rallies and street plays.


“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”
The School organises educational tours, visits and excursions for the students of all classes annually.
Camps are organised and students are exposed to various adventure sports.
Trips to amusement parks are organised to balance work and play.

Holy Child Auxilium School
Holy Child Auxilium School

Personality Development

The school strives to develop individual personality of the pupils and nurture healthy personalities of tomorrow.
To achieve this goal the school holds an annual cultural week where the students are encouraged to actively participate in various activities.
The school also organises workshops and counselling sessions at regular intervals.

Literary Club

The school incorporates a literary club which trains students to participate in dramatics, debates, recitation and creative writing to discover creative talents.
Students are encouraged to participate in both Intra-School and Inter-School competitions to explore their skills and promote healthy competition.

Holy Child Auxilium School
Holy Child Auxilium School

Wiz Kids

With the growing of IT revolution in the world, the School prepares its students to become competent in the outside world. For this the school employs qualified professionals in the field of computers.


HCA is known for housing some of the most endowed athletes. Sports activities are practiced with a lot of fervour and enthusiasm. Emphasis is given to team spirit, regular exercise and fitness. The school employs professionally trained karate, judo, basketball and lawn tennis instructors. Intra-school competitions for various games like kho-kho, basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, etc. are held regularly in every academic session.Besides these competitions, Sports Day is organised by the school once in two years. Our school has won various inter-school sports competition, both at zonal and state level tournaments.

Holy Child Auxilium School

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